The football club you'll love.

Urban United F.C. is the first mobile football club for hobby football players that lets you decide when and where to play our beautiful game. Become a club member with just 3 clicks, and start playing with your new team members whenever the time is right for you.

With Urban United you play football...

whenever you want to...

Not the club or anyone else, but you decide when and where to play football - no time pressure, no competitive commitment.
. in a traditional club

- but without the usual pain points. Meet great people, take part in our club events, wear the team jersey - but combined with the flexibility that's needed today. playing FIFA Online

We don't change the game. But we provide you with the stats and game system like the popular football video game. Play offline, like you do online.

Step 1
Sign up & become a team member of our digital football club
Sign up
Step 2
Create your very own playing schedule. Just tell us when and where you want to play. Our matchmaking engine takes care of the rest - promise!
Step 3
We tell you when and where exactly your team will be playing - your match lobby. Here you find all information and can engage with your team mates before, while, and after playing - just like you would on any messenger. After the match you'll find your stats here as well.
Values of the club


At Urban United, we unite all people of any age, ethnicity and background


At Urban United, we lead by example to inspire positive behaviour


At Urban United, we deeply believe in Teamgeist – all our members form one team